School strike yesterday, disrupted lunchtime today…

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My sons classroom to the left, the Mairie in the middle of the photo.

After yesterdays strike, Friday is a little different to the usual. Normally my kids eat with the PIL’s on Friday lunchtimes, but they did that yesterday. So today I had a lunchtime school run to do, much as I would do on Mondays.

My MIL usually calls to say she can take my son back to school after lunch on Mondays, so my daughter can go for her nap at a decent time.
She’d wanted to do the same today but they were away at an appointment that over-ran, so I had to take them back. Doesn’t bother me and frankly my daughter doesn’t sleep straightaway.

My son had extra-tuition this lunchtime as well, using the touch sensitive computerized classroom board. I didn’t know they were going to do that, so instead of going to school for 11.30am I had to go at 12.05pm instead… and they were in a totally different classroom, which threw me. My sons teacher opened the door to shout at me… that was nice of her…

Oh… and the warmer weather… has meant that the heavens opened all over lunchtime so I got drenched while I left my son to use the brolly. We had 30 minutes less for our meal. Being a good home Dad I always get the food done well in advance.

Had to change my coat to take them back. The photo is of us making the return trip to school… Son was happy enough, daughter was in tantrum mode…

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Part-time English conversation tutor & graphic designer. Home Daddy to 2 Anglo-French diddy people. Somehow I keep my sanity. From Ratae now living near Lutèce.

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